Our Team

Prof. Dr Paul C. Salins
Dr.Salins is recognized for his contributions to Cranio-Maxillofacial and skull base access surgery creating novel surgical techniques leveraging architectural and engineering principles. He has also established several medical centers and has held leadership roles in healthcare. Several decades of experience in healthcare ignited a passion for engineering solutions for the overwhelming burden of lifestyle and aging related chronic disorders in the world disrupting the quality of the life of the youth and health of the elderly. He came to be convinced that as lifestyle and aging related diseases have now become globally a major concern, prevention and curative strategies are inadequate to address emerging challenges. A new domain of “Interceptive medicine” was needed to work with lifestyle changes and technology to shift the current disease centric healthcare to a health centric strategy and provide solutions for patients with nascent chronic disease who appeared healthy !. Indeed, the long continuum of chronic disease before the onset of disease could be intelligently leveraged to delay or even stop chronic diseases and avoid early “medicalisation” and lifelong dependence on drugs for management of chronic disease. This was the vision which led to the establishment of CIMED.  

Core Scientific Team

Dr Chandrakala Pidathala

VP-Chemistry and production

Dr Ines Chopra

VP- Molecular Biology Strategy

Dr Alben Sigamani

VP- Clinical research and Medical affairs.

Dr Samarth Shetty

VP- Strategy and Operations.

15 years of working experience on many drug discovery projects Successful track record in taking hit to lead candidate stage, yielding international patients 3 years of post-PhD experience in Merek, Wockhardt India Holds a Ph D. in Medical chemistry
Cranio-facial Surgeon by training 5 years of experience in operations in natural Based CRO Managed Finance, Legal, HR and strategic operations. Passion for naturally derived science

PhD-Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology – University of MiamiMSc Chemistry – IIT Guwahati

Over 1 decade of experience in Clinical research 

Advisory Team

Dr G G Gangadharan

Director of Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda – Restoration Hospital (RISA), Bengaluru, India.

Prof. Tarun Khanna

Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School Director, Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, HBS

Dr. med. Siegward Elsas

Neurologist, Switzerland

5-7 years experience in Pharma and Nutraceutical 

Well versed in Product formulation and scaleup

Knowledge in regulatory procedures

Masters Degree holder in Ayurveda 3-4 years post-masters Deep understanding of the Ayush pharmacopeia Access to a network of Ayush centers
Industry experience in Pharma and Nutraceuticals National and international network to expand the business Establish Extracts and product sales channels Sales and marketing on online platform
5 years Experienced Digital marketing Takes care of Press and social media handle for CIMED Digital Marketing

Scientific Advisors

Dr Amrita Suresh

PhD-Cellular and Molecular Biology

Dr Manjula Das

Ph.D. - Molecular Genetics

Mr Salai Jeyseelan

M tech- Biomedical Engineering IIT- Madras

10 years of working experience in Head and neck oncology Expertise in Molecular Profiling in diseases using biomarkers Successful track record in creating disease-specific cell lines
An expert in Biotherapeutics especially critical reagent Assay development (in vitro and in vivo) for regulatory submission of protein drugs
Experienced sensor based technology in healthcare Worked on gait analysis on stroke patients as masters project at CMC Vellore Has several publication in the area of biomedical technology