CIMED Interceptives

CIMED offers a new genre of health care called Interceptive Healthcare. We believe in this day and age of AI and advanced diagnostic technologies, it is possible to intercept diseases in its nascent stages with the appropriate use of scientifically formulated natural ingredients and the body’s capacity to rejuvenate. Our formulations are unique and derived combining a vast scientific and historical literature with modern drug discovery methods and validation process. CIMED Interceptives offer help to patients suffering from chronic lifestyle and aging related disorders. 

Our Pipeline

Pre diabetes
Fatty Liver
Heart Health

Our Process

Target therapeutic areas in the CVRM and DBD space Model disease continuum/progression from Normal to Disease state

AI based profiling of polymolecular target architecture for soft targeting In vitro, In vivo match from naturally derived polymolecular clusters for intended clinical impact

Formulation developed to pharmaceutical equvivalent dose standardisation linked to clinical outcome

Confirmation of Consistency, Scalability, Stability and cost comparable to pharmaceutical products