Welcome to CIMED

Composite Interceptive Med Sciences laboratories Private limited (CIMED) is a R&D company working towards creating a novel genre of therapeutics. We are pioneers in Interceptive medicine, a new paradigm in health care which targets diseases along its continuum, even before the manifestation of a diagnosable disease. Our approach is not to replace current pharmaceutical standard of care, but to optimize clinical outcomes using our scientifically validated approach to management using Interceptive medicines. This is enabled by out complex computational approach, combining genomic sequencing data, related knowledge on pathophysiology of disease states, applying current rationale of pharmaceutical research and exploration of different systems of medicine. CIMED offers a new Polymolecular approach to looking at medical therapeutics for the future. Here, diseases are modelled and a composite approach to management is created.

Scope of Activities:
• Formulation Development and R&D services
• End to End Clinical research services
• Production standardization and scale-up Manufacturing services

CIMED is one of the first companies to work towards creating a composite pharmacology that can create Interceptive Medicine. It will be the first to put into practice, the knowledge of genetic predisposition to disease and help the individual to intercept or delay the onset or progression of diseases using CIMED drugs.


To become global leaders in Interceptive Systems Medicine


To become a globally recognized enterprise creating knowledge base to aid discovery, research & development of composite pharmaceutics, products for interceptive healthcare, models of systems medicine to address unmet medical needs of chronic diseases.