• About CIMED

    The pharmaceutical industry as we know it, has reached a roadblock after a successful run of about 70 years.
  • Leadership

    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
                    - John C. Maxwell
  • Discovery Pipeline

    We are creating , a novel genre of therapeutic solutions, that offers a poly molecular, systems based approach to medical therapeutics of the future.
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Composite Interceptive Med Science aims to create a novel genre of therapeutic solutions. It is based on creating composite pharmacology, capable of targeting interception of disease, along its continuum, even before the development of a diagnosable disease state or moving towards its final progression. The approach is not to replace current pharmaceutical standard of care, but to enable it scientifically and help its established approach, to optimise clinical outcomes. This is possible by a complex computational approach, combining genomic sequencing data from current medical research, related knowledge on pathophysiology of disease states, applying current rationale of pharmaceutical research and exploration of different systems of medicine.